• Do you need advice on how to set up a bike?
  • Don't you feel comfortable on the bike or do you even have the pain of some parts?
  • Do you need to transfer your possession to a new bike?
  • Or do you need to streamline your performance?

So do not hesitate and order a "Bikefit", where we will advise and help you with setting up the bike, your position on the bike or we will show you how to prevent injuries!
We perform Bikefit using an application, thanks to which we analyze your current state and we can then propose modifications and improvements.
Thanks to video recording of movement, we are also able to reveal the asymmetry of individual parts of the body.

Do you want to know who will perform the bikefit? ... more info here!

The date of the bikefit will be specified with the lecturer after ordering by e-mail or telephone.

How does bikefit work and what is its time requirement?

  • To make a bikefit, you will need your bike (the one you want to analyze the setup) and bike clothes.
  • We will place your bike in the trainer (we are equipped with most of the standard reductions for hub dimensions and axle types) and we will analyze the current state on it.
  • After consultation, we will suggest possible adjustments to the settings.
  • The time required depends on the number of changes and the level of the problem, it usually takes 1-3 hours.
  • We are equipped with bathroom and shower. It's not a problem if you bounce back from work, you'll be fresh again after the bikefit.
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