Choosing an e-bike may not be a simple matter, so we would like to provide you with some useful information to help you with your selection.

Where I will ride:

bike path / road

city (to work, to buy)

light terrain (eMTB)

difficult terrain (eEnduro)

What type of bike do I want:

e-bike with a fixed frame

e-bike with full suspension frame

easy-entry frame

Information about the electrical systems used on the e-bikes we offer:

Rocky Mountain Dyname™ 4.0

Rocky Mountain Dyname™ 3.0

Shimano STePS EP8

Shimano STePS E8000

Shimano STePS E6100

Shimano STePS E5000

Bosch Performance Line

Sport Drive BFI

Bosch Smart System - the first step to intelligent solution

Bosch Smart System - the first step to intelligent solution

The e-bike has recently become a phenomenon. This is also why their manufacturers are increasingly trying to expand the function of personalization and adaptation to the user. Connecting personal electronics - in this case a mobile phone - is appropriate. The German Bosch is one of the main pioneers in the development of new technologies in the segment of e-bike drive systems, so this year it introduced a new product in its portfolio - the Smart System.