Bikecheck Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 70 ebike in Tom Kutin's individual colors. Tom is behind the brand SingleBe bikes and deals in the production of custom steel frames. When we agreed that I would leave my Altitude to him, it was immediately clear to me that it would be a bigger project than just "handing the bike over to the new owner"!

Tom has many years of experience in custom painting frames and components. So it was immediately clear that Altitude would go for a new individual color that no one at Altitude would have :-)

On this occasion, we performed a complete disassembly of the e-bike, went through all the components and replaced or refurbished the necessary parts to make everything work like a new bike.
Two bearings in the Dyname 4 engine were replaced. You can see how this replacement was done in the following video.

Model specification:

  • Rocky Mountain Dyname™ 4.0 drive unit
  • nominal power: 250 W
  • maximum power: 770 W
  • max. torque: 108 Nm
  • assistance levels: Ludicrous, Trail Plus, Trail and Eco
  • the system is equipped with a torsion sensor
  • travels 170/160 mm

If you are interested in this e-bike, please do not hesitate to contact me for a possible pre-order of your new Rocky Mountain e-bike.