Test of the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL. The last year has been a boom in the category of lightweight e-bike concepts. Specialized has decided to respond to the new Fazua and TQ drivetrain types by updating its SL drivetrain and it comes with the new Specialized SL 1.2 drivetrain for the 2023 models.


  • bigger battery, stronger engine, more agile geometry
  • more agile geometry/new drive with 50 Nm torque and 320 Wh battery
  • something between an enduro and a trail bike
  • travel 160/150 mm
  • mullet setup (29"/27.5")
  • new drive unit Specialized SL 1.2 - 50 Nm
  • fully integrated 320 Wh battery (non-removable) with the possibility of connecting an external battery with a capacity of 160 Wh
  • geometry setting option - headset angle set, flipchip 27.5/29
  • 2 options for supports - 1. preset modes 2. Micro Tune power at 10%
  • geometry is based on the Specialized Stupjumper EVO model
  • the new app "Specialized" for setting up the bike and recording routes allows the bike to be registered or locked, the best functionality I see is the ability to set the display display and set the engine performance curve
  • bike weight incl. pedals and tubes - 21 kg

Range test

  • ECO mode (69%) + Trail + Boost - 43 km, 671 m climbed, asphalt + terrain (50/50), 1 hour 47 min., battery 320 Wh, 20% battery left after the trip

Video edited in collaboration with Jirka Fikejz (IG: @jiri.fikejz).