I often meet people who, when choosing an electric bike, do not have a clearly defined riding style and have no idea what an electric bike will enable them to do. Brand marketers like to talk about "universal" e-bikes. Today we will look at one typical representative of these "universal" models and that is the Superior eXF 8089. This Czech brand is mainly known for its racing ambitions in the field of classic bicycles. Perhaps this is also why the combination of a racing brand and electric bikes does not go well together, at least conceptually.

But few people know that Superior has a very interesting offer of full-suspension e-bikes in its portfolio. The eXF is a full-suspension e-bike frame platform with 130mm frame travel and 140mm fork travel. Already at first glance, the design elements of Superior are clearly visible on the model in the form of quickly cut frame tubes of a very decent volume. The nice appearance is only emphasized by the modest design and the integrated cabling into the frame under the stem. The aluminum frame is equipped with an integrated Darfon battery with a capacity of 504 Wh. If you choose one of the higher eXF models, you will get a 630 Wh battery, because the frame is ready for the possibility of fitting both capacities. The battery is covered by a large plastic part that you can remove in a second and thus have the battery at hand quickly. The dominant element of the upper frame tube is the system's on button, which is practically located just behind the stem. What is no longer very practical is the location of the charging port above the engine, if the model is equipped with a telescopic seatpost, the wiring at the connector may get in the way. Thanks to the clean integration of the Shimano EP6 drive into the frame, the overall impression of the model is very positive.

The driving characteristics of the eXF are influenced by the geometry of the frame. The DNA of Superior cannot be denied here. That's also why, to my taste, I would like the handlebars to be slightly higher and to sit less over the rear wheel. These are purely my subjective feelings, more sporty users may like it. The fixed rear triangle is mounted on the lower main pivot, the shock absorber then forms an assembly with over-leverage. Due to the set SAG of approx. 20-25% on the air shock units, the structure was sensitive even on subtle unevenness and I had no problem with comfort. Thanks to the 66-degree head tube angle. the bike turned very well even on the closed turns of the ascending flow trail Dechovka on Peklák. Then when the faster passage came, the bike was sensitive to the steering, but not at all unstable. The absence of a telescopic seat post forces you to have the center of gravity slightly in front, and you don't really want to go into more difficult passages. Here I would prefer to pay extra for the higher specification eXF model with a telescopic seatpost as standard. From the point of view of practical usability, I praise the possibility of placing two baskets or accessories on the frame, and I could imagine the 8089 with full equipment for all-day trips. Special racks from Topeak would make the e-bike an expedition model with enough lift to comfortably roam the countryside. The EP6 drive offers you sufficient power even on very steep passages, and thanks to the appropriate setting of the performance curve in the lower ECO and TRAIL modes, you can achieve a range of around 60-90 km on one battery charge, depending on the profile of the track, the load on the bike and the way you use the assistance steps.

By taking a look at the model specification, you will find that the eXF 8089 model is a model built for the so-called "price". The available price entails a tax in the form of a basic Shimano drive controller without the possibility of connecting the E-Tube application in a mobile phone and then the subsequent option of setting up the EP6 drive. Here, you are fully dependent on the dealer's services for wire service diagnostics. The absence of a telescopic seatpost and a 504 Wh battery underline the characteristics of the most affordable full-suspension model from the Czech Superior. For an additional fee of approx. 15 thousand crowns you can choose a higher specification with the designation eXF 9019, where you get an EP8 drive, a 630 Wh battery, a display with BT communication, a telescopic seat post and better equipment. Regardless of the equipment, I have to admit that I like the design of the Superior and the eXF does not deny the universality of use mentioned in the introduction.

Author: Marek Bělovský, original wording of the article for the editors of Electric Bike magazine