Rocky Mountain is a Canadian legend. Their freeride model Slayer with aggressive geometry is also legendary.


Rocky Mountain Slayer Alloy 50 was born for a bike park.
The stroke on the frame 27.5 ": 180mm / 29": 170mm and on the fork 180 mm allows "big things"!
The aluminum frame offers the RIDE-4 system for adjusting the geometry.

The RIDE-4 adjustment system allows riders to quickly fine-tune the optimal geometry with two Allen keys. Up to four configurations are possible thanks to one rotating chip. This allows for subtle geometry changes with minimal impact on damping properties.

Smoothlink suspension is effective, but at the same time flexible when pedaling and shifting. It is characterized by a control ride. This philosophy of the four-joint suspension system is focused on driving characteristics; every bicycle platform we develop is balanced in terms of its features such as anti-squat, axle lift, chain extension, suspension curve, anti-rise, etc. to make the legendary driving experience a reality on a Rocky Mountain bike.