Testing the new Bosch Performance Line SX drive in Poland. Joint testing by Czech and Polish journalists led by Bosch allowed us to test Bosch drives and compare the new Performance Line SX engine with the more powerful Performance Line CX engine.

The entire testing was conducted by Milosz Kędracki in cooperation with the Czech representative office of Bosch Ebike Systems and the Austrian bicycle manufacturer KTM. The second day we went on an expedition around Babí hora, the route led through the Polish-Slovak territory and the routes led through babiagoratrails.com.

Parameters of the tested Bosch Performance Line SX drive unit:

  • Bosch Performance Line SX unit
  • nominal power: 250 W
  • torque: 55 Nm
  • maximum power: 600 W
  • assistance levels: 4
  • boost levels to the highest level: BOOST: up to 340%
  • the system is equipped with a torsion sensor
  • maintenance-free engine type
  • maximum speed of electrical assistance: 25 km/h ± 10%
  • "WALK" mode for exiting the basement or climbing to the top of the mountain + "Hill Hold" function
  • weight of the drive unit: 2 kg